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Corvus 14.5-Mutate_Device Changelog:

• Synced with latest source changes. • Disabled Wifi Display for now. • Set PowerHAL hwbinder thread to high CFS priority. • Added props to launch bootanimation early. • Bump cpu min freq by a level. • Used headphone icon for dirac QS tiles. • Upstreamed kernel to 4.14.221. • Switched to stock Perf+ kernel. • Many other Misc Fixes and Performance improvements.

Corvus-OS v16.0-Alpha Centauri Device Changelog:

• Introduced POCO Parts. • Imported Audio configs from MIUI. • Import Dirac From XiaomiParts v5.0 (Now when the Dirac is turned on the sound volume on the speaker has an improvement too) • parts: Dirac: Add dirac blobs • parts: Dirac: Add bass booster preset. • Add Support Alipay and WeChat fingerprint payment. • surya: Introduce IORap. • OP Screen Recorder Prebuilt. • surya: overlay: Default to full gesture navigation