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Read Before Flashing


*Use OrangeFox Recovery 10.1_3 or Pitchblack/Twrp Latest Ones

*Clean Flash Must as you are switching from Q to R build

*Use Xiaomi Offical Firmware(I use china beta 20.3.26 personally)

*Use Magisk 21.4

*Cts Passes by default out of the box..After Flashing Magisk Need To Hide Magisk Manager

*If any app/basic feature which was working before it isnt working now then flash permissiver v5 and re-check

*Camera Old Camera Blobs

Android 11 Changelogs

Device Side Changelogs:-

Update Build FIngerprint from Redfin March Release. Update GPU Blobs to V454 Address Few Denials BringBack Live Blur Toggle(Find under Display Settings) Xiaomi Parts :- Rework on Usb Fast Charge Toggle Introduce Fast Charge Toggle Maybe More….


Wifi Display(Cast) Native Video Calling(Vilte)

Kernel Side ChangeLogs:-

Deagle v14 Eas Kernel Upstreamed to Latest Sources

And More…..

*Deagle Kernel EAS(No need of flashing easperf module)

Bugs *Wifi Display *Native Video Calling

Android 10 Changelogs:-